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“I Am Not Alone” — May 27, 2020

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A Christian singer Kari Jobe sings a song entitled “I am not Alone” look it up on YouTube and give it a listen,
– In Deut 31:6…Gods says, Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”
– Jesus In Matthew 28:20, says: I am with you always, to the very end of the age.
– Then in John 14:16 we read “And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever”.
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit all tell us they will always be with us no matter what life brings.
These promises should provide us with comfort and strength when we face challenges and struggles, when we feel alone or lonely, or when we are confused or unsure.
Our hope, as believes is that God will always be with us here on earth and one day we will be with him in Heaven.
This is a hope most Non believers cannot understand, they can’t understand how we can be optimistic when life throws a curve ball at us.
With those thoughts in mind let’s turn our attention to a text for today.
Please read: Isaiah 43:1-5
God is using the prophet Isaiah to remind the children of Israel that He is still on their side.
Sometimes when things are not going our way or when we are feeling lonely and maybe frustrated with life. We may start to think God has left us.
In those lonely and challenging times in life, we have to remember what a friend we have in Jesus, and that all our sins and grief to bear.
We always need to remember what God said, I will never leave you or forsake you.
Though the children of Israel messed up over and over again, God was not willing to walk away from them. Instead He sought to remind them of His everlasting presence and His amazing love; and provide them with three essential guarantees:
1. As Gods people they are Saved
2. As Gods people they are Secured
3. As Gods people they are Special
THEY ARE SAVED: Our salvation means. Our eternal destination in heaven is guaranteed
It means we belong to God And it means our name is written in the Lamb’s book of life.
This of course all assumes you have accepted Christ as your lord and saviour and have invited him into your life.
Salvation is free but it is not cheap. Jesus shed His blood for our salvation.
Security was a very important issue to the Israelites. They experienced constant attacks and lived under the threat of total annihilation.
They needed security. Not just any kind of security but Divine security.
So God promised to be with them when they pass through the waters and through the fires, no matter how hot things get in your life God will be with you.
We see Gods people are saved, they are secure and,
THEY ARE SPECIAL……… There are a lot of Christians walking around who don’t know how special they are.
They believe all the negatives stuff that people have said about them. But forget all that God has said about them and what he has done for them.
We should never let people’s opinion determine our future or how we feel about ourselves. When we do that we doubt Gods word, we say maybe what God says about us is not true.
In verse 4 God reminded the Israelites that they are precious and honored by Him. Some of you needed to be reminded that you are precious to God.
You are so precious to God that He gave His only begotten son for you.
You are so precious to God that Jesus traded glory in Heaven for earthly suffering in order to redeem you.
You are so special to God that He neither slumbers nor sleeps as He keeps watch over you just to make sure that the enemy doesn’t hurt you.
The heaven may shake and the earth may shiver, but remember You are Not alone.
No matter what happens in your life or with your life,
You are not alone, Remember what God has told you.
You Are Saved, You Are Secure and You Are Special.



Normally an Alliance Pastor will have a 4 year degree in biblical studies or something similar. Once they accept a call to a church, the Ordination process begins. Every Pastor is given 2 years to completed the following requirements. Read a translation of the bible that you never read before and submit a summary of the difference from the translation you normally work with. Pastor are given a list of 12 books and asked to pick 6 and write a major paper on those 6 books. Pastor are required to submit 4 recorded sermons that they preached. Submit 4 papers on the 4 fold gospel, savoir, sanctifier, healer, king. Read the Alliance constitution and then meet with 4-6 District Pastors for an oral examination. Pastor’s only have to do this once.

A Message of Comfort – May 20, 2020

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All of our life we seem to search for comfort. A comfortable chair, a comfortable pair of shoes, a comfortable bed, a comfortable house, comfortable cloths, comfortable friends.

No matter your age or lot in life comfort is something we are always looking for.

I want you to read  II Corinthians 1:3-5

I. God’s Comfort is Complete,  our text says  God is the father of all comfort. 

Because He loves us he wants us to experience comfort..

God’s love is real and it is powerful. God’s love has touched the heart of the lonely, the broken, the hurting and the lost. 

God’s love  can change the worst of situations and empower the weakest of spirits.

Gods very presences through the Holy Spirit brings comfort.

God is always with us! Isaiah 41:10 “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

God stands beside every person who calls to Him for help. The presence of God brings peace to the troubled. The presence of God brings provision for tomorrow. The presence of God brings power for the weak and the weary.

Paul was writing to the Corinthian church during a time of great distress. Paul’s message of encouragement literally told them that no matter what they faced in life, God would be by their side.

II. God’s Comfort is Contagious

A. God is always there to comfort us and in verse 4, he says as he comforts us we are to comfort others.

Paul says that God is the God of all comfort. There is no mistake what Paul is saying here. God is the source for comfort and help for every person in every situation.  You cannot have real comfort without God.

B. Verse 4 also says  God calls us to comfort others.

a.) The comfort of God almighty is an amazing gift. It is a gift meant to be shared. Just as God has come beside us, we are to go out and stand beside others.

Gods  comfort is complete, Gods love is contagious and finally 

III. God’s Comfort  come to us through Christ

A. Christ understands what it feels like to need to be comforted. Christ was crucified, he understands our physical need.

Christ understood emotional pain, He was Rejected – People mocked Him, religious leaders fought Him and the disciples abandoned Him

Jesus was falsely accused, tried for crimes He did not commit and was sentenced to death as an innocent man

Christ brings us comfort because he knows exactly how we feel when we need to be comforted. 

Christ knows pain and suffering on a personal level. So he understands your pain, your fear and your need for security and comfort.

Life is unpredictable. We do not know what tomorrow holds because no one can know the future. However, we can know the one who holds our future and who is in control of life.

Every day that we are given is a gift from God, He will comfort and strengthen us with each passing day.

The God who is faithful and true has come alongside you today to help you in a time that you need to be comforted.. May His strength empower you, may His love lift you and may His grace guide you.



C.M.A. Logo:   A.B. Simpson’s teaching stresses four roles of Christ which are represented in the church’s logo. It can be summed up as “Christ Our Savior, Christ Our Sanctifier, Christ Our Healer, and Christ Our Coming King.” (1) The Cross stands for salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s Son. (2) The Laver represents sanctification, a daily cleansing from sin and power for service through the indwelling Christ. (3) The pitcher speaks of oil, a symbol of the Holy Spirit and the divine life and physical healing that comes from Jesus. (4) The Crown symbolizes the imminent return to earth of the Lord Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.