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Open House Sunday Service

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Alberta has implemented a new round of COVID restrictions this week. The impact on the church is that we are now limited to a maximum of 15 people allowed in the church at one time. To accommodate this requirement and to still give our congregation the opportunity to share fellowship and worship on Sunday morning we have decided to switch to an open house format. The church will be open from 9:00 to 12:00 on Sunday morning and people will be able to come and go when they please.

We have split the morning up into four 45 minute sections. Sometime during each section one of the elders will lead the people in a devotion and prayer time. There will also be an activity for children if any are present.

As always the sermon will be available on line. You are encouraged to watch it at home as it will not be presented in the church Sunday morning.

The atmosphere will be very informal when compared to a normal church service. Feel free to bring your own snack if you choose. The single serve Keurig coffee machines will be available for use. We are doing our best to facilitate fellowship during this time.

The restriction of 15 people inside the church at any one time is a hard limit. To accommodate any overflow above this number we will have chairs set up outside where groups of up to 5 people can gather and fellowship. At times we may have to ask some people to go outside to allow others to enter the church and join in the devotion and prayer. To meet the COVID requirements people will need to record the time they enter the church and the time they exit the church. A new sign in sheet will be available for this purpose.

These are challenging times and the Mirror Alliance Church is working to meet those challenges while still meeting the needs of our congregation. Come on out and join us Sunday. As this is our first time doing things this way I am sure there will be many hiccups. But that will give us a chance to learn and grow and to do better next week.

As we go through these challenges remember God is in control. These challenges are small and short lived when compared to the eternal life God has promised us.

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