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Sharing, Receiving and Giving (March 20, 2020)

March 20th, 2020 | Posted by John Klassen in Uncategorized

Hello church family!

Hope everyone is learning and adjusting to the new circumstances we are experiencing in our communities and in our homes due to this virus.  As you probably already know, regular scheduled functions at the church are cancelled in respect of the guidelines given to us by the province.  Even though we cannot regularly meet as we are in the habit of doing, yet because of Christ, our church body can stay connected when we continue to Share, Receive and Give. There are many ways you can stay connected with your church through SharingReceiving and Giving
One way of Sharing is by sharing your prayer requests and praise items via phone or e-mail. Call or email Pastor Ron or your church elders by calling 403-788-2204 or emailing mirroralliancechurch@gmail.com. Your message will be sent and received promptly and with your consent, we will share prayer requests weekly with our church family.

One way of Receiving, is by checking your inbox for a link to a video.  Pastor Ron will be bringing an encouraging message from God’s Word in the form of a video. Pick a time in your day when you can sit down, grab your Bible, and participate in watching an encouraging pre-recorded message from God’s Word. It will also be posted on this site (Click on the “Sermons” tab).

One way of Giving is to continue to tithe and give offerings.  Options for ways to do this are: 1.  mail to the church address below  2.  e-transfer to macdonation@cciwireless.ca or 3.  meet with a church elder on a designated day.

Be prepared to see emails as well as other forms of communication more often, as we endeavor to keep connected until we are able to meet in large groups at the church again.  

Your Elder Board and Pastor Ron Wurtz

Mirror Alliance Church
PO Box 31
Mirror, AB  T0B-3C0
403-788-2204 (church)

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