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Weekly Update – February 6, 2019

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Hello Church Family,

New City Catechism Question 21
    What sort of Redeemer is needed to bring us back to God?
    One who is truly human and also truly God.
    Jesus is truly human and truly God. This great truth of the Christian faith leads us to worship. Our Creator cares so much about His creation that He takes our nature unto Himself. He does so completely and permanently. Jesus is forever human and eternally God. 

Women’s Isaiah Bible Study: Thursday, February 6, 10:00am at the church.

Mini Youth: Friday night from 6:30-8:00pm at the church. 

Sunday School: Continues Sunday at 9:30am at the church.

Nominating Committee Report: The Committee has nominated: Gregg, Leroy, Jim, Dave and Rob to be elders in the 2020 year. The vote will be taken at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, February 23. (Bylaw stuff: If members would like to nominate someone else they must inform the board in writing before February 9.)

Annual Meeting – Sunday, February 23, after potluck.