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Sunday Morning

We have two services…one is at 9:00am and the second one at 11:00am. The second service we will offer children’s programs and it will be a bit more of a family focus.

The guidelines (see below) mention our need to be a bit more cautious for those who may be a bit senior in age, so the 9:00am service we are hoping those who are single or older couples might enjoy that service.

But it’s really up to you and where you will feel most comfortable, you chose the 9:00am or 11:00am service.


Rules for performing Church Service During the COVID-19 Phase 2 Reopening Plan

These rules are based on the “Guidance for Places of Worship” issued by the Province of Alberta Update June 9, 2020.

Anyone who is showing symptoms of the COVID virus, who have traveled internationally in the last 14 days or who have had contact with a confirmed COVID case within the last 14 days are prohibited by law from entering the church.

Social Distancing in the church

  1. The seating in the sanctuary has been arranged to allow social distancing during the service. This has greatly reduced the seating capacity of the church so we will need to have multiple services.   There will be services geared for families where children’s church will be provided and services where children’s church is not provided. These services are geared to adults without children and are also more appropriate to seniors and people at greater risk if they catch the COVID virus.
  2. If families attend a service where children’s church is not provided the children must remain seated with their parents throughout the service.
  3. People are encouraged to socialize outside in the church yard before and after the service where it is easier to maintain social distance.
  4. A doorman will control entry into the church in order to maintain social distancing in the foyer. This person will also list the names and contact information of all people who attend each service. He will also list permission by parents to allow their children to go to children’s church.
  5. Upon entering people will be asked to sanitize their hands.
  6. An usher will show the people to their seats in the sanctuary. There must be at least 3 empty seats between each family or cohort family. People who arrive together may sit together. Cohort families that do not arrive together must tell the usher how many seats they will need before they are seated.
  7. Once seated people are asked to remain in the seat until the service is complete. After a seat has been sat in it cannot be used by someone else until it has been sanitized before the next service.
  8. At the end of the service the people will be ushered out in an orderly fashion family by family through the exit doors in the sanctuary.
  9. It is possible we will reach full capacity and have to ask people to come back for a different service.

Other Practices to Prevent Virus Spread

  1. Offering will not be taken during the service. It can be put in a basket before entering the sanctuary.
  2. The church Bibles and other materials will not be used. People are encouraged to bring their own Bibles.
  3. Coffee, juice, water or snacks will not be provided by the church. People are encouraged to bring their own.
  4. Bathrooms are available but we encourage people to minimize their use. 
  5. People are welcome to wear facemasks.
  6. Areas of the church will be sanitized between services.
  7. There will be music during the services but people will not be allowed to sing. People can hum with the music. 
  8. During this phase of the reopening we will not be serving communion.

Services for Children

  1. Children under 2 must remain with their parents during the service.The church is not allowed to offer care for them. They cannot be allowed to wander around during the service.
  2. Children’s church will be provided at designated services. Children aged 2 to 4 can go to the nursery. Children aged 3 to grade 1 can go to the class room. Children grade 2 to 4 can go to the kitchen.
  3. If snacks are provided during children’s church they must be individually wrapped items for example juice boxes or fruit snacks. The person handing out the snacks must sanitize their hands before handing them out.
  4. Once the classes are formed as a cohort group there can be no interactions between the groups. Children or adults cannot go from one class to another.
  5. Parents of children under 2 may use the nursery. Once they enter the nursery they must stay there until the end of the service. They may also choose to just stay in the foyer.